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Summer vacation in Florida – Week 1

At the beginning of our vacation I looked up to traveling, because we would be traveling for a relatively long time. In total it would take approximately 22 hours to get from our home to the place where we would stay in Florida. I hoped I would be able to sleep on the plane or in the car, but unfortunately I think I only slept for one or two hours. So on the plane and after we arrived at the airport I was pretty tired and irritated by everything and everyone to be honest. After we arrived at our home for the next three weeks we went asleep right away so we could start our vacation fresh the next day.

Before we went on vacation we knew it would rain more during the summertime in Florida, but we didn’t realize it would be either hot or raining so we had to adjust some of our plans due to the weather. The real first day we started our day with having breakfast at Denny's. After breakfast we went to Disney Springs and we walked around for a couple of hours until it started to rain and then we went to a shopping mall and spend some time there until it was time to get some dinner. After dinner we went back to the house because we were still pretty tired from traveling. This evening we met the three dogs of the owners of the land the house was on. This was great because these dogs were really cute and after that we saw them every day and they came up to us so we could pet them.

The next day we spent the first part of the day in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and after that we went to explore Epcot (one of the Disney parks in Florida) and that actually was our whole day.


On the third day of our first week in Florida we spent the morning in Mount Dora, which is a small but really cute town in Florida. We spend a few hours walking around town and visiting the local stores. We also had some coffee and cookies at a local café. After we were done walking around town we went to walk the palm island boardwalk and we saw some alligators. After the walk it was getting pretty hot outside so we went to one of Disney’s water parks. When it started to rain we decided to leave the waterpark and get some dinner. After dinner we spend our evening in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The next day we went to Clearwater Beach. We ate lunch at the beach and after that we walked around the beach and we walked onto pier 60. We stayed on the pier for a while and we watched people catching fish and we watched some pelicans walking around on the pier. After we were done at the pier we walked around town for a bit and went into a few different shops. After we were done at Clearwater Beach we went to de John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk. When we walked around the boardwalk we saw a lot of dolphins in the water next to the boardwalk, so we decided to stay there for a little while and watch the dolphins. After we were done watching the dolphins we walked around the boardwalk and the village and we got some milkshakes. After that we went to a shopping center for a short amount of time and after that we returned to the house we rented.

On Friday we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s and we went on some of the attractions there. When it started to rain we left the park and we went to (another) shopping mall. After spending some time at the mall we got pretty hungry so we decided we would get out of the mall and go somewhere to have dinner. That night we went to Olive Garden which is one of my favorite restaurants in the United States. After we were done with our dinner the weather was better again so we decided to go back to Disney and we spend our evening in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. We stayed until the park closed, which was pretty stupid, because we had to wait a long time to get back to the parking lot. So we learned a lesson not to stay all the way till the park closes (at Magic Kingdom at least) to go back to the parking lot. But other than that this was again a pretty great day and we were looking forward to the next day.

On Saturday we stayed at our house in the morning and we swam in the pool by the house. In the afternoon we went to get some groceries and we went to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse to eat some teppanyaki. When we got our groceries we also got some reusable straws to use in restaurants during dinner. After we were done with dinner we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At the end of the evening we left the park and we got something to drink at Starbucks on the way home. Here I discovered my new favorite Starbucks drink: the dragon drink which is a mango dragonfruit refresher with coconut milk. Because we already got Starbucks during the week and I knew we would get Starbucks again, I decided to get a reusable cold cup since I am trying to reduce single use plastic. After we finished our drinks at Starbucks we went home.

On the last day of our first week of vacation in Florida we spend our morning and the beginning of the afternoon at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark. We left the park when we got hungry and went to get some early dinner. After we finished our dinner we went back to the Disney area to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios.. We finished our night in Disney's Hollywood Studios and returned to our house to get some sleep.

I really enjoyed our first week in Florida. The only things that were less fun this week were the weather and the long waiting time to get back to the parking lot at Magic Kingdom. But during this first week we learned from this experiences and we knew that it most of the time rained between 2 pm and 5 pm so we decided to go have dinner during this time or visit some shops. We also learned that we should not stay all the way till the park closes at Magic Kingdom if we wanted to get back to the parking lot fast. So during this week we learned a few lessons for the upcoming two weeks. I really liked this first week and looked forward to the next two weeks. I also really enjoyed being back in Florida again.