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At the end of the schoolyear my teachers organized a three day trip to Brussels. I only went two days because I had other activities to attend on the first day. On Tuesday my trip to Brussels started. I arrived in the hostel around 9 am, ate breakfast and after that we walked to the European Council. In the building of the European Council we were first brought to a museum about the history of the institution. After the museum we got an explanation about the European Union and the European Council. We also had the opportunity to ask questions. After we asked all our questions we got a guided tour through the building. After the tour our visit to the European Council came to an end.

After the visit we had lunch outside and we started with a ‘scavenger hunt’ through Brussels, set up by our teachers. The teachers gave us a hint an those hints were linked to locations through brussels. the hunt took place in three different groups and on each location you needed to take a picture and send it to the teacher to get the hint leading to the next location. One of the questions that led to a location was: find two peeing figures and take a picture.

When our group was done with the hunt we were free to do whatever we wanted. First we went back to the hostel to freshen up and after that we went out to eat something. We ended up at a Thai restaurant, where I ate noodles with vegetables, shrimps and soy sauce. After we had dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to buy some souvenirs. I bought a souvenir pin, because I save those and always buy them when I come to a new city. when we were done at the Hard Rock Café we went to get dessert: waffles with Nutella and bananas. The waffle was pretty good, but in my opinion also pretty expensive (it was five euros for only one waffle with banana and Nutella). After our waffles we ended up at a café and had some drinks. After those drinks we were pretty tired and we went back to our hostel. In the end we were awake until 3 am while we needed to get up at 7 am the next morning.

On Wednesday we got up at 7 am, packed our suitcases and had breakfast with the whole group. After breakfast we took the metro to the European Parlamentarium, which is the museum about the European Parliament. In the museum we got an audio guide and we walked around for a couple of hours. When we were finished in the museum, we ate fries for lunch and we had some free time. During our free time we went to a few stores, drank some coffee and a couple of us went to light a candle in church. After we were done in church we went back to the hostel to get our suitcases and we left for a three and a half hour train journey to get back home.

It may sound silly but from this trip I think I enjoyed the ‘scavenger hunt’ the most because you get to see and learn a lot about the city in a short amount of time. In general I really enjoyed this short trip. It was a good combination between having fun and learning new things about Europe and the European Institutions.


Have you ever been to Brussels? If you did what did you like the most?