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Organization with a good cause ~ August

My goal is to talk about a different charity or organization with a good cause every month. These articles are not sponsored. These organizations are simply some of the organizations that I am passionate about and that try to do something good for the world. For this month I picked the organization 4Ocean (4ocean.com). 


My personal experience with the subject and the organization

In the first half year of 2019 I became more aware of the world around us and how much we take nature and the animals in it for granted. And of course people have been saying for years that we are slowly killing nature and its animals and for some reason during this first half year I realized that If I wanted to turn things around I needed to change some things myself. When I went outside for a walk, I realized that I was very annoyed by all the trash and plastic that people threw into nature. So the next day I took a paper bag with me and I started picking up the trash and threw it away in trashcans. That’s when I searched online for organizations who did the same or something alike and that’s when I found 4Ocean. So I started to read on their website and watch some video’s about the organization and what they do. When I went on vacation to Florida this summer and walked on the beaches I knew that something needed to change and I bought a 4Ocean bracelet. I made that choice because sure I already knew there was a problem but on vacation I saw turtle nests on the beach and people still threw their garbage on the sand, this made me pretty angry and sad. This only confirmed me wanting to support 4Ocean and I bought a bracelet by the first store that had it. It is important to get the oceans clean because the plastic can kill lots of animals and we (the people) are the only ones who can stop plastic from getting into the ocean.


About the organization

The main thing that 4Ocean does is cleaning plastic from the oceans and coastlines. We can help them doing that by buying one of their bracelets. For every bracelet that is sold they remove one pound of trash from the ocean or coastlines. What’s great is that they don’t only remove the plastic from the ocean but the bracelets are also made from recycled materials (glass and plastic). 4Ocean also gives other ideas to help clean the ocean. Those include reducing single use plastic, picking up trash when you see it on the ground and raising awareness by introducing your friends to 4Ocean (for example by tagging them on social media).

It’s also great that there are bracelets in so many different colors that there should be a bracelet for everyone. Every month they release a new bracelet which is usually connected to a certain animal or something else related to the ocean.


If you want to know more about 4Ocean or you want to buy a bracelet, visit their website (4ocean.com). If you are not interested in buying a bracelet please help the oceans and the overall environment by reducing single use plastic or picking up plastic when you see it on the ground.