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My motivation to start blogging

About the subject mental health

In my opinion it can be really important to tell other people about my experiences with mental health problems, because I learned that there are still a lot preconceptions around those problems. These incorrect preconceptions make it really hard for people to talk about their own problems and to speak up when they are not doing well. This is so hard because they can be afraid that people won’t accept them when they know about their problems or they are afraid that a nasty comment will be made.


It’s not weird that people who haven’t been struggling with mental health see those problems from a different point of view because it can be very difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, especially with mental problems. However the misunderstanding of those people doesn’t mean their comments hurt any less.


Personally when I was experiencing problems relating my mental health, some of the reactions I got when telling about this experiences made me really sad and sometimes they made me cry as well. Nowadays I try to tell myself that the people who make the most hurting comments probably never experienced such problems and simply make these comments because they don’t understand those problems. This can be a way to put these kinds of comments into perspective for yourself. But as I said, it can still be really frustrating that someone makes a nasty comment when you talk about such a sensitive subject. By sharing stories about my experience with mental health problems I hope that some people would get more knowledge about what happens inside your head when you are struggling with your mental health and that its often not as simple to solve as it might seem at first sight. When people get more knowledge about these problems I hope there will be less nasty comments and I hope that it eventually will get easier for people to talk about mental health because they don’t have to be as scared as before to get those comments. On the other hand I hope that people who are struggling with mental health might feel a tiny bit better by knowing they are not the only one struggling and that it is okay to struggle. I also want to try to share what I’ve learned from my experiences with struggling with mental health myself and share the things that helped me during this time. Even if I can only help one person feel better or give them some tips or tricks that work for them I think that would be a small but great step in the right direction.


About the subject lifestyle

Mental health is a pretty serious topic to blog about, so I want the other subjects to be a bit lighter but I also want some of them to be a bit more serious. Because of that I think I will write a lot of different articles that I will put underneath the subject lifestyle. I think it will vary from posts about school to posts about books, food and drinks. Within the subject of lifestyle I also will be posting about a charity or an organization with a good cause every month.


Next to this blog ideas I want to post a series of blogs in which I show my week in photographs. But I am still deciding if I should post those underneath lifestyle or underneath photography. Let me know where you think I should post these.


About the subject travel

I always love to read about other people’s travel experiences, so for my blog I would like to share my own travel stories with you guys as well.


About the subject photography

During high school I discovered my love for photography and since than I take my camera to a lot of places. I personally enjoy taking photographs in nature the best but I also enjoy taking pictures in cities or taking pictures of people I care about. Every once in a while I will post some pictures or picture series on this page.


Let me know in the comment section down below if you have any ideas for what other kinds of posts I can share with you guys and let me know where you think I should post my week in photographs series.